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New detergent spray-on, cold-water rinse-off system offers a practical way to WASH THE FACE of your building:

• Will not damage the surface of your building
• Does a better cleaning job than abrasive cleaners
• Costs far less than other processes for any building or home
• Is not damaging to the environment
• Works on any surface, from brick and stone to concrete and siding

A clear, composite detergent liquid is diluted with water and sprayed on the dingy, soot-stained building wall. Then it is rinsed off with a spray of cold water.

No abrasive blasting. No scrubbing. No scraping. No raw acids or etchants. No harm to the surface. Yet, the effect is astonishing: The original surface appears in all its beauty. This is the SURFACE CARE SYSTEM in action.

This system has proven itself over the past 40 years to be highly satisfactory in the cleaning of building exteriors, all types of masonry and metal surfaces. It is used to clean statues, sculpture, carvings, buildings of historic value - because it cleans without harm to the surface and restores the original beauty. The method is genuinely a breakthrough: It solves cleaning problems which have been the despair of architects and engineers for hundreds of years.


Most of the unpleasant dark film on the exterior of your building comes from industrial pollution and the incomplete combustion of fuels from many sources. Traffic fumes, vehicle exhausts add contaminants. Smoke films and soot particles may be deposited directly from sources nearby; but pollutants rise, often to very great heights, and may be carried many miles by air currents. The corrosive elements may be deposited on your building in rain drops.

The chief offenders causing "dirt" are the sulphur compounds. These combine, in solution, with the carbonates in masonry and the common building materials, mortar, concrete and stone, to form calcium sulphate - dirty stains on the surface with an affinity for additional film deposits. Dirt adheres by a chemical bond to the surface - which is why, in the past, building cleaning was regarded as impractical. Today, the SURFACE CARE SYSTEM releases the dirt instantly and emulsifies it so that it can be washed harmlessly away.

Surface Care Systems Photo Gallery Commercial Image 1

Mechanical cleaning works, of course. But it removed the surface to accomplish its purpose. Sand and soda blasting is very destructive to sculpture, artistic carving, and to any sharply delineated surfaces: Edges and corners become blurred and rounded. The definition is lost.

Sandblasting may cause repercussions in the community, complaints from the ecologists; a course of dust pollution; bad public relations for the building owner. Further, any dust or powder that remains after blasting becomes a source of new staining. Rain carries it down the face of the building and the action of the sulphur compounds leaves a dirty residue as the water evaporates.

Dangerous acids and etches are often used extensively in conjunction with hydro and silica blasting. Any residue, crystallized salts, can adversely affect the cohesive forces in masonry.

Pitted and scarred surfaces resulting from blasting are greatly increased attracters and holders of dirt - which increases the speed of dirt accumulation and spurs the need for more frequent cleaning.


You can have the face of your building washed clean today at a fraction of the cost of former mechanical methods. It is a safe method, guaranteed not to harm the building surface. New cleaned masonry is beautiful, your best investment in appearances in your community.

The SURFACE CARE SYSTEM cleans literally any masonry or metal surface: Brick, limestone, terra cotta, sandstone, granite, fieldstone, precast stone and concrete, cement, stucco, terrasso, aluminum, steel, tile, siding of aluminum, vinyl, or wood, etc.

It is as specific to use in removing graffiti, animal stains, rust stains, soot, moss, weathering stains, patina, mildew, grease and oil deposits, exhaust residue, industrial pollutants, etc. Ask your SURFACE CARE dealer for a FREE DEMONSTRATION.